OCP-Al Moutmir Initiative: Demonstration platforms, an innovative tool for modern agriculture

A committed actor for the transformation of Moroccan agriculture, the OCP Group actively contributes to the emergence of inclusive agricultural development models that create value and sustainable impacts. The Al Mutmir initiative illustrates this commitment. This partnership approach initiated by the Group in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests has greatly contributed to improving both the quality of the targeted sectors and the yield of farmers. beneficiaries. The program has, in fact, stimulated the innovation loop of different agricultural sectors, thus responding with agility to the major challenges of the sector. The Al Moutmir program in its various aspects brings out innovative solutions, adapted and accessible to all. The system is intended to be a multi-service offer based on a scientific approach. The main component of this system, the program of demonstration platforms set up by Al Moutmir stands out as a powerful tool that makes it possible to introduce scientific solutions based on innovation and adapted to the needs of farmers. This orientation indeed tends to rationalize the use of agricultural inputs, to optimize the management of irrigation water as well as to improve yields in the different production systems. It is also a matter of providing the farmer with an integrated production program capable of increasing the yield of each crop at the lowest cost, depending on the production basin. The objective of the demonstration platforms program is to improve fruit quality, particularly in terms of size, weight and colour. It also aims to optimize production in order to maximize the profit of farmers as well as to reason fertilization based on soil analyzes as well as crop demand for nutrients. These platforms introduce and establish good agricultural practices for prosperous and sustainable agriculture. The idea is also to preserve natural resources, in this case water and soil, and to ensure the transfer of knowledge and know-how to future generations. The principle of the demonstration platforms is to conduct a plot with the usual agricultural practices of the farmer (control) and another plot where the crop is conducted respecting a recommended and adapted itinerary (ICP). Beyond their agronomic contribution, the demonstration platforms are also a real opportunity to analyze the behavior of farmers vis-à-vis new crop management models and new technologies. This makes it possible to continuously adapt the solutions offered and to stimulate the innovation loop in good collective intelligence, thus contributing to the acceleration of the transformation of the sector. The OCP Group considers the management of irrigation as a major pillar in the management of demonstration platforms. For the Group, good reasoning for irrigation aims to maintain the water content of the soil at a sufficient level. The objective is to satisfy the crop's water needs while avoiding excesses and therefore preserving natural water resources. Thus, for each plot designated as a demonstration platform, the agricultural engineer in charge bases himself on the water needs of the crops, the climatic conditions, the availability of water and the irrigation system adopted to determine the necessary water supplies. With “Agritrial” The agronomic management of demonstration plots digitized The OCP Group relies as part of its Al Moutmir system on digital technology as a key lever to multiply the impact and serve as many farmers as possible across the Kingdom. To capitalize on the feedback from the demonstration platforms and facilitate their sharing with the ecosystem, a digital application has been set up by the Al Moutmir team. Called “Agritrial”, this solution allows the digitalization of the agronomic management of the demonstration plots and the feedback in real time of detailed information on the evolution of the platforms. This source of information is made available to the scientific, academic and economic ecosystem. It is the subject of annual symposia as part of the Al Moutmir Open Innovation Lab with the various players in the sector. This tool would also be useful to the various institutions that conduct trials and demonstrations. It would, in fact, feed a national collaborative platform open to students, researchers and actors who have an interest in the sector.