Omicron: the CNT's proposals for the revival of tourism

Faced with the recent appearance of the Omicron variant, the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) calls for the establishment of a new Public-Private Pact to ensure the protection of businesses and to prepare effectively for recovery. “Faced with the recent appearance of the Omicron variant, the new travel restriction measures are a new difficulty which seriously endangers businesses in the Tourism sector,” said the CNT in a press release. In this exceptional context where the activity of companies is already severely degraded, “we believe in the need for the establishment of a new Public-Private Pact including strong and responsible measures to ensure the protection of companies, avoid destruction massive jobs and prepare effectively for the recovery ”, continues the same source. And to point out that the evolution of the situation over the past 21 months testifies to the need to take into account the Covid-19 pandemic as a structural factor to rethink the tourism sector. “We are convinced that this path to in-depth reinventing the sector begins with the implementation of proactive measures to ensure the resilience and revival of the ecosystem”, underlines the Confederation. In this context, the CNT “wishes to establish with the public authorities a principle of citizenship for the application of support measures which consists in making the start of reimbursements subject to the opening of the sky and the lifting of the state of emergency. Thus allow operators to meet their social, fiscal and financial commitments as soon as health and safety conditions allow ”, read the press release. The CNT also considers that a “paradigm shift is necessary to give all its value and meaning to vaccination and its positive effects with rules of mobility and access to the Kingdom aligned with best international practices, which would speed up the conditions for recovery and return to normal activity ”. The measures proposed are in line with the provisions provided for in the Program Contract concluded on August 3, 2020, which the CNT proposes, in view of the current context, to amend and prioritize. These include the extension of the system for the payment of the fixed allowance by the CNSS and the revision of the deadlines for the payments of the social charges deferred and due in 2020 and 2021, for a start of the reimbursements as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted. , and a tax moratorium for 2020 and 2021. The CNT also recommends a reprofiling of Daman Oxygene loans and Long-term bank debt with the GPBM with postponement of the deadlines of leasing loans, consumer loans for companies in the sector as well. that their employees and a start of reimbursements 12 months from the lifting of travel restrictions, without costs or penalties. It also involves the acceleration of the establishment of the Tourism fund backed by the Mohammed IV Fund for the injection of Equity or Quasi-Equity in the balance sheet of companies in the sector and the stimulation of demand. internally via the incentive to travel through the implementation of tax-free holiday vouchers and the regionalization of the school holiday calendar. The Confederation also considers it necessary to set up funding at the regional level to strengthen the competitiveness of stakeholders, encourage the emergence of new ecosystems and promote the creation of jobs in rural areas through eco-tourism, sports and cultural tourism. … The implementation of an offensive plan to restore confidence with airlines and consolidate relations with Tour Operators, the overhaul of taxation and the improvement of measurement, monitoring and management tools through the overhaul of the National Tourism Observatory and the creation of a competitiveness watch platform as well as the establishment of a crisis governance mechanism in the form of a dedicated Public-Private Task Force are also among the ten measures proposed by the CNT. HS