Omra: more than 100 people scammed in Casablanca (VIDEO)

Many people, more than a hundred, have complained about the disaffection and laxity of which they are victims on the part of a Casablanca travel agency. The latter had nevertheless concluded an agreement in advance with these people intending to perform the rituals of Umrah in the Holy Places of Islam, during this holy month of Ramadan. A lady, among the plaintiffs, declared to Le Site info that the people concerned have been going to the incriminated travel agency for days, but in vain and without any explanation being provided to them on this manifest and incomprehensible disaffection and disinterest. Given this situation, our interlocutor cannot therefore believe that it can only be a scam of which all these people, wanting to perform “the little pilgrimage”, are victims. This, because the plaintiffs were scheduled to travel to Saudi Arabia at the very beginning of the month of fasting, but they are shocked, each time, by repetitive postponements of the trip, without valid and logical explanation. As a result, the persons concerned appeal to the competent authorities for their intervention in order to find a solution to their case and to oblige the owner of the travel agency to keep his promises to them. LA Join and receive our newsletters Back button at the top of the page