Oualidia: why it is an essential destination for holidays

If there is one city that stands out as a tourist destination particularly popular with visitors, it is Oualidia that offers everything a national or foreign tourist dreams of. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a cliff, between sea, mountain and forest. It's not a dream, this heavenly destination exists. Her name is Oualidia. Nestled at a crossroads between three provinces, namely Safi from which it is only 67 km away, El Jadida 77 km away and Sidi Bennour which is 74 km away, this city is distinguished by sublime natural landscapes, including its lagoon, known internationally. The latter attracts many Moroccan and foreign tourists because of its beauty and the cleanliness of its sand and waters. In addition to these tourist assets, Oualidia offers dedicated infrastructure and sports activities. The sublime and peaceful seaside resort thus allows its visitors to have a good time with the family. It also offers water sports lovers the opportunity to indulge in their favorite activities. In addition to excursions aboard traditional boats or canoes, jet skis are very popular, especially among young people. It should be noted that the city has experienced, in recent years, a qualitative change in terms of the paving of streets and boulevards, the upgrading of the public lighting network, as well as the rehabilitation of shops, hotels and residences. host, which has strengthened its ability to welcome its visitors in good conditions. In addition to its cool, crystal-clear waters, it also has oyster farms, a sector with high added value for the region. We cannot talk about Oualidia without mentioning its important fishing resources which constitute one of its main tourist pillars and whose fame has crossed borders because of their high nutritional value. The region has a wide range of seafood very popular with visitors, sea urchins, squid, octopus, crabs, lobsters, prawns, mussels… In addition, the most varied dishes are offered by the restaurants of the city. In addition to the seafood cocktail, other culinary specialties are highly appreciated by visitors, especially foreigners, such as the Moroccan tagine and grilled meat and fish. The destination, which has important reception facilities, including equipped tourist residences, top-of-the-range restaurants, children's play areas, green spaces, and various means and structures capable of allowing summer visitors to fully enjoy of their holidays, is thus very busy during the months of July and August, with nearly 30,000 cars going there every weekend. Khadim Mbaye / with ECO Inspirations