Promotion of Morocco as a destination: Historic rapprochement between RAM and ONMT

Royal Air Maroc and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) inaugurate a new era of cooperation. The two actors pool their resources to optimize the promotion of tourism in the Kingdom. An agreement was signed in this sense, this Thursday, June 9, 2022, in Casablanca. Covering a period of 3 years, the national carrier and the actor promoting the destination undertake to set up a global cooperation framework. This partnership will thus take effect from July 1, 2022 until March 31, 2025.This is a historic agreement since it is the first time that the two institutions have agreed on such a partnership, which lays the groundwork for a common policy in terms of promotion and marketing for Morocco as a destination. “We have decided to take a new step towards closer collaboration with the Moroccan National Tourist Office in order to promote, together, the Morocco brand worldwide; on the other hand, it will be a question of seizing the commercial opportunities which are offered to us in this period of revival. This alliance and the resulting program in the short, medium and long terms, are a sign of greater optimism and ambition for our national tourism,” said Hamid Addou, Chairman and CEO of Royal Air Maroc. For his part, Adel El Fakir, General Manager of the ONMT confides: “We are very happy with the realization of this agreement which will undoubtedly have significant repercussions on the tourist activity of Morocco. RAM is our national company, so it was important for the Office to be at its side to stimulate tourist demand, both nationally and internationally”.Among the main measures of this partnership, the two parties will work to strengthen Morocco's connectivity through the establishment of point-to-point air links according to a schedule to be unveiled later, the objective of which will be to meet market needs. by improving the accessibility of the destination both for the strategic basins of tourists and for Moroccans around the world.This partnership also includes a co-marketing component, a joint communication campaign at the national level and for Moroccans around the world, joint activation of social networks, joint participation in Mice events and workshops by strategic market… Both parties agree collaborate on co-marketing campaigns through various channels such as the company's website, IFE screens on board aircraft, Royal Air Maroc lounges and agencies, etc.RAM's presence will also be strengthened at the four major world tourist fairs and some RAM regional offices could host ONMT delegations. High point of this partnership, two planes of the company type Boeing 787 dreamliner, and Boeing 737 will be co-branded; and a third type ATR-600 will be dressed in the colors of the campaign dedicated to internal tourism “ntlaqawfbladna”. The ultimate objective is to carry the image of Morocco on all the continents through the 70 international airports served by the national company; and, at the national level, to accompany Moroccan tourists in their discovery and rediscovery of their country.