Promotion of Morocco as a destination: ONMT determined on its way

The 2023 financial year will be marked by a strengthening of the Office’s strategy in terms of communication, sales and promotion. Tourism: The ONMT projects itself into the future by capitalizing on its achievements. To do this, the Office relies heavily on its “Light in Action” vision, which is the leitmotif of all the Office’s teams both in Morocco and abroad. The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) reiterates its ambitions to raise Morocco as a destination to the highest level. The 2023 financial year will be marked by a strengthening of the Office’s strategy in terms of communication, sales and promotion. This objective comes after the exceptional results achieved for the year 2022. A dynamic that confirms the transformation of the sector and this after having suffered from the vagaries of the health crisis. “There is no doubt that 2022 will go down in the annals of our industry as one of resilience, recovery and renewed ambition. Thanks to its innovative and offensive approach, Morocco has placed itself among the leading destinations, carrying a powerful experiential message, both contemporary in its creativity and authentic in its values”, underlined Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, of crafts and the social and solidarity economy, during his recent chairmanship of the board of directors of the ONMT. It should be noted that the performance of the Atlas Lions had a major impact on the image of Morocco and the consideration of the destination. The supervisory authority thus aspires to hoist the Morocco Brand into the Top 10 of the most admired destinations in the world. To meet this challenge, the Office is continuing to deploy an action plan aiming for a growth rate of 13% per year by 2026. the year 2023 under good auspices, driven by the Light In Action action plan aligned with the roadmap of the Ministry of Tourism, targeting 17.5 million tourists by 2026″, we learn in this sense. And to specify that “the current year will see the strengthening of the Morocco, Land of Light campaign through market segmentation and specific approaches according to their degree of maturity”. Referring to the ONMT, the “Pays” brand will continue to be powered by the bouquet of local destination brands and thematic experiential brands. Air transport occupies a priority place in this vision. The ambition is to increase air capacity to reach 8.2 million seats, or 3.9 million additional potential travellers. “The partnerships established with the airlines already make it possible to multiply the openings. For the summer of 2023, 33 new lines are scheduled by a dozen airlines, connecting eight Moroccan destinations to nine European markets,” the Office said in this regard. Among the priorities defined in the ONMT’s roadmap is internal tourism. This segment is activated under the brand “Ntla9awfbladna” which continues its efforts to better market the assets of the destination to national targets and Moroccans residing abroad.