RAM: all you need to know about the summer program

Here is the main part of the press release from the national company Royal Air Maroc (RAM) relating to the strengthening of its flight program for the 2022 summer season, in order to better support the resumption of travel. – La Compagnie Nationale will offer 6 million seats on 80 air routes across four continents. – By restoring a large part of the air routes closed since the health crisis, and by opening new routes such as Tel Aviv and Dubai, Royal Air Maroc will recover nearly 90% of its 2019 network. – To facilitate the movement of its customers during the summer holidays, RAM will offer more than 2.2 million seats on the European continent, which is home to several large communities of Moroccans around the world. – In France, 890,000 seats will be offered and 400 flights (200 frequencies) will be operated per week on 28 air routes linking 9 airports in France to 8 cities in the Kingdom. – On the rest of Europe, 43 air routes will connect 22 European airports to 8 Moroccan cities for a capacity of more than 1.3 million seats. – In Africa, RAM is strengthening its network, which will increase to 25 air routes and an offer of 900,000 seats. Some 110 frequencies per week will be offered. – In North America, the national carrier will offer nearly 500,000 seats, i.e. 6% more than the offer offered in summer 2019. – In the Middle East, RAM will offer 200,000 seats, an increase of 25% compared to the offer of summer 2019. SL (with MAP)