RAM strengthens opportunities for tourism and economic promotion between Morocco and Egypt

The office of Royal Air Maroc in Cairo works to strengthen opportunities for tourism and economic promotion between Morocco and Egypt, within the framework of the implementation of the Company’s strategy, which is based on quality, the diversification of the offer and the opening up to foreign markets, particularly Arab ones. During a ceremony organized by the RAM office in Cairo, in partnership with the “Oneworld” alliance and in the presence of economic and tourist operators, the speakers highlighted the revival of mobility and travel between the two countries and the efforts that the national company has made to open new horizons in the exploration of investment opportunities, reports MAP. Speaking on this occasion, Morocco’s Ambassador to Egypt, Ahmed Tazi, said that RAM, as a national actor in the field of air transport, has been able to achieve a resumption and intensification of the movement of citizens. Egyptians and Moroccans in both directions, by increasing the frequency of flights connecting the two countries, which has helped to support the tourist movement and create promising opportunities to explore investment opportunities. In this context, he pointed out that the number of flights reached 7 flights per week, and sometimes 11 flights per week, during peak periods, which “confirms the efforts made by the company to bring the Egyptian and Moroccan peoples closer together”. The Moroccan diplomat highlighted the benefits of RAM’s membership in a distinguished alliance such as “Oneworld” and the consequent improvement of services in accordance with the standards adopted by this alliance, believing that the presence in this alliance will give the company a new impetus and will open up promising prospects for it. Mr. Tazi indicated that this company, considered as one of the most important tools of soft power, plays a humanitarian role in international events at the service of its customers, in particular Moroccan citizens, adding, in this regard, that the national institutions support Royal Air Maroc. For his part, the CEO of “Oneworld”, Rob Gurney, considered that Royal Air Maroc constitutes an added value to the alliance, since it is the first airline member of the alliance on the African continent. for three years, noting that its subsidiary in Cairo has brought 40 new destinations and connects a number of international markets via Casablanca. For his part, Ilham Kazini, director of the commercial pole at RAM, who spoke by videoconference, sent a message of thanks to the agencies and tourism companies in Egypt for their efforts after the Covid-19 pandemic and the exceptional results obtained in sale, as well as the return of travel prices to their previous levels, affirming Royal Air Maroc’s desire to support the requirements and proposals of tourism companies in order to achieve greater common success. She added that the company is constantly working to develop the performance of its overseas offices within the framework of the “Oneworld” alliance, which brings together the world’s major airlines, praising the progress made after joining this distinguished alliance.