Responsible tourism: your ideas for adopting green holidays this summer

Sustainable consumption has become essential for some of us. But consuming sustainably is not limited to the products we put in our basket. It also affects the services we enjoy on a daily basis. And to help us become fully aware of this this summer, the EDF Pulse & You co-ideation platform invites you with Futura to share your experiences and criteria in this area and win sustainable gifts. If I tell you sustainable development. Or sustainable consumption. What will probably come straight to your mind is the latest pair of sneakers your teen has been asking for. Made in Asia, by children sometimes younger than yours. Or maybe those cosmetics, stuffed with synthetic dyes and fragrances. Or these over-packaged cookies, made from palm oil. But we too often forget that we consume much more than products. And that all the services at our disposal can also be assessed according to sustainable development criteria. This is precisely what a new campaign recently put online on the EDF Pulse & You co-ideation platform offers. The Brand Products Rating campaign invites you to share your own criteria. Those who make your daily life more sustainable. Those that demonstrate your commitment to the environment and the future of our society. Many everyday consumer products are put on the grill. Composition, packaging, transport, recycling. The evaluation criteria are diverse. But few venture off the beaten track. However, sustainable development is a concept that today extends to all areas of life. Sports, for example. The French National Olympic and Sports Committee has thus defined a few criteria for claiming the “Sustainable development, sport is committed” label, some of which are mandatory. For example, make facilities accessible to everyone and in a natural environment, ensure that these facilities respect the environment. Propose an eco-responsible food offer and fight against food waste. Fight against doping, violence and discrimination in sport. Or, leave a positive and lasting legacy for territories and populations. It's up to you: Present a product that you consume, Rate it according to your sustainable development criteria, Try to win prizes: Iphone 13, electric bike, dream act gift card! Sustainable, everyday leisure More broadly, different labels coexist in the event sector. The France Congrès Quality and Sustainable Development charter, for example. Its objective is to encourage convention centers to commit to quality and sustainable development processes. By working on supporting their customers. By reducing their consumption of energy and raw materials and natural resources. Water and paper in particular. Or by encouraging soft modes of travel. Tourism is no exception. The Blue Flag label is one of those that certifies not only the quality of bathing water, but also actions in favor of sustainable development implemented on the coasts. It implies the existence of information relating to the natural sites to be respected and the species to be protected, the installation of garbage cans on the beach with sorting instructions, the implementation of measures to save water resources or even the existence of at least one beach equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility. Back from the beach, why not fall for an eco-responsible aperitif? A moment of sharing which today can perfectly fit into the spirit of sustainable development. More and more new, healthier and more environmentally friendly recipes are coming onto the market. Less palm oil, fewer additives, fewer contaminants. And a priority given to products of French origin. Or at least European. All made while taking care of energy and water consumption, in particular. Then sold in recyclable packaging. And when it comes to getting back to the harsh reality of everyday life, know that schools are also committed to sustainable development (E3D) approaches. With first in mind, the idea of ​​making young people aware of the problem. And then, to provide concrete solutions to meet the objectives of sustainable development. Some work more specifically on the theme of biodiversity. Through workshops, visits or educational projects, they learn to know and protect it. This may have given you some ideas for experiences to share on the EDF Pulse & You co-ideation platform. Do not hesitate, because there are many others still in your daily life. Your bank, your favorite restaurant, your company… Topic produced in partnership with EDF teams What to remember A new co-creation campaign called Notation Produits Marques is online on the EDF Pulse & You platform. idea: rate the products you consume according to your sustainable development criteria. You have until August 12 to join those who have already spoken on this subject. pursue your sustainable development approach. Interested in what you have just read?