Rice jacket and vulva flare, the Industry best-of 2022 is crazy

At the end of 2022, a look back at the craziest “Industry is crazy”. In April, we wore a jacket made, in part, of rice and we made an interstellar journey in a vulva-shaped rocket. Jackets made with rice In the midst of an ecological transition, fashion is increasingly interested in 100% plant-based. To craft its new series of jackets, British luxury brand Alexander McQueen enlisted the help of Natural Fiber Welding. This American start-up has developed an entirely biobased imitation leather by mixing rubber latex with rice husks and clay, which allows it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% per compared to a synthetic equivalent. The height of sophistication, essential oils incorporated during manufacture give the fabrics an earthy scent that is supposed to linger for about a year. (Re)reading this Crazy Industry A vulva-shaped spaceship “Restore gender equality in space.” This is the goal of Wer Braucht Feminismus? The feminist collective wants to push the European Space Agency to manufacture a vulva-shaped rocket, with an aerodynamic design capable of matching the performance of its phallic equivalents. A wacky but not meaningless project, when we know that less than 70 women have had the chance to explore the cosmos since the beginning of space conquest, compared to more than 500 men. Determined to rectify the situation, NASA has already indicated that the next person to walk on the Moon would probably be an astronaut. (Re)reading this Industry is crazy