Rural tourism: A new project to develop priority sites in the Arghen valley of Taroudant

This territory, hitherto completely excluded from tourist circuits, wishes to initiate a process of development by promoting tourism based on the economic development of the region. A new project is currently in the pipeline for the development of rural tourism in Taroudant through the development of priority sites in the Arghen valley.As part of the decentralized cooperation between the metropolis of Montpellier, the commune of Marseillan and the communes of the intercommunality of Arghen, located in the Arghen valley, province of Taroudant, an entrepreneurship development project was launched in 2018. This project made it possible to make a diagnosis of the tourist potential of the valley, to initiate the first training courses for actors wishing to act in this field, and to create a tourist charter for the valley. In this sense, the Assounfou d'Oumouddou tourist cooperative, carrier of this project, will sponsor a detailed study on the tourist facilities necessary for the optimized reception of a type of tourism that is sustainable and respectful of the cultural and natural environment of the place, and this, through the development of a strategy and a participatory and integrated tourism development plan, the encouragement of investment in tourist infrastructure (development, signage, beaconing, etc.), and the strengthening of the tourist offer of the valley. The chosen service provider will adopt a participatory approach in coordination with the various project partners, namely the territorial municipalities Arazane, Nihit, Toughmert, Adar, Imi N'Tayart and Azaghar Nirss, the team of solidarity experts and the members of the cooperative. tourist Assounfou of Oumouddou. Indeed, this project aims to contribute to the development of rural and solidarity tourism in the Arghen valley. This territory, hitherto completely excluded from tourist circuits, wishes to initiate a process of development by promoting tourism based on economic development of the region by integrating local actors and preserving the cultural and natural heritage to make the territory attractive for Moroccan and foreign tourists by creating structures to welcome tourists, while training local resource persons in the various tourism professions. The project will make it possible to formalize a rural tourism offer based on the consultation and involvement of the local population and supported by a multi-party steering committee (municipalities, associations, NGOs, cooperatives, inhabitants), and also the development of economic activities in the valley favoring the structuring of income-generating activities, in particular through the marketing of traditional products (argan and derivatives, crafts). It should be noted that this tourism development project is carried out in parallel with several water and sanitation projects in the villages carried out within the framework of decentralized cooperation between Hérault and Moroccan municipalities.