Summer camps 2023: 1,000 beneficiary children from Khouribga and Fkih Bensaleh

No less than 1,000 children aged 7 and 15 from rural and urban areas in the provinces of Khouribga and Fkih Bensaleh will benefit this summer from summer camps launched by Act4community Khouribga in partnership with the National Federation of Summer Camps through its regional office Béni Mellal-Khenifra. This year’s edition is placed under the theme: “summer camps a space for development and integration”. Beneficiaries will have the opportunity to visit several coastal destinations located between LAARACHE and Safi. Note that this year’s summer camps were divided into four stages, the second stage was launched on July 19, 2023, it concerned 130 children while waiting for the launch of the three remaining stages to benefit the remaining 870 children. This year’s holiday camps aim to promote accessibility to holidays for children and young people from disadvantaged families. They will contribute to the development of the autonomy of young people and children, allowing them to develop a critical mind and to make choices. It is also a question of promoting mixtures of cultures and social diversity as well as positioning young people as actors in their stay and encouraging them to take on responsibilities and thus promote their education in citizenship and ecology. This initiative will also lead the child to discover various practices, and thus promote the acquisition of technical knowledge.