Summer camps are off to a good start

It’s off to a new season. Launched on Friday by the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd, the summer camps are now in full swing. In this respect, the first signs of this launch are, according to the expert Mohamed Qamar, also president of the Moroccan Observatory for the fight against terrorism and extremism, “positive”. For him, these colonies show this year “a high-performance organization”. Mr. Qamar, who highlights early preparation, also speaks about governance. In this sense, it stands out “good time management”. “The launch was flexible and organized”, he believes, in front of a proud candle to the national federation in charge and to the ministry which, for him, “won the bet of time considered an essential support for the success and the quality of these”. In his view, the mess that marked this launch is now “under control”. And that’s not all ! “The bet on the quality of pedagogical management is in the camp of the civil fabric,” says Mr. Qaamar, who links quality to contemporary initiatives that make the summer camp a breath of educational oxygen. All while evoking a contract with the private sector for meals.