The declarations of Mr. Monjib to be banned from traveling “contrary to reality” (public prosecutor)

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 21:53 Rabat – The King's prosecutor at the Rabat court of first instance announces that the statements published by Mr. Maati Monjib on certain social networks dated October 13, 2021, in which he claims to be unreasonably banned travel are “contrary to reality and completely far from the truth”. As proof, Mr. Monjib is the subject of a procedure relating to money laundering investigated by the investigating judge and, after having been detained in the context of this case, the investigating judge granted him provisional release conditional on two measures of judicial control, namely the closing of the borders against him and the withdrawal of passport, indicates a press release from the public prosecutor. On October 07, 2021, Mr. Monjib formulated, through his lawyers, a request for the lifting of the freezing of his bank account and his property, the recovery of his passport and the opening of the borders in front of him. , which was rejected by the examining magistrate on October 13, 2021. Mr. Monjib presented himself at Rabat-Salé airport in order to leave the national territory, although the decision to close the borders taken against him still in force, due to the fact that the examining magistrate did not accede to his request. Mr. Maati Monjib's property was frozen in connection with the said case as a precautionary measure usually applied in money laundering cases. On the basis of all these data, the allegations of Mr. Maati Monjib relating to an alleged abusive travel ban remain contrary to reality with regard to the maintenance of the decision by the investigating judge, as explained above, concludes the press release.