The French Embassy in Morocco makes an important announcement (PHOTO)

The French Embassy in Morocco has announced the establishment of a special maritime link, in collaboration with the Moroccan authorities, in order to allow French people, European citizens and permanent residents in France traveling on board a registered vehicle in Europe to return. On its Facebook account, the embassy announces that the departure of the ferry will take place on Saturday March 12, 2022 from the port of Tangier Med to Marseille. The embassy invites people wishing to buy a ticket to register on the site set up for this purpose. The registered persons will then be called by the La Méridionale company in order of registration, adds the embassy, ​​within the limit of available places, with priority to people already in possession of a ticket from the Méridionale company. The Embassy specifies that the rates are set exclusively by the shipping companies. The French authorities are not responsible for the commercial and pricing policy of private companies. FM