The Government Council approves a draft decree relating to the activities of the Handicrafts

The Government Council, meeting Thursday in Rabat, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, approved draft decree No. 2.21.991 establishing the list of Handicrafts activities. Presented by the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatima-Zahra Ammor, this project was developed in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of decree n ° 2.21.437 of December 9, 2021 on application of the law n ° 50.17 relating to the exercise of the activities of the Handicrafts, which stipulates the elaboration of the list of the artisanal activities, indicated the minister delegate in charge of the Relations with the Parliament, Spokesman of the government, Mustapha Baitas, in a statement read during a press briefing after the Council. Thus, and after consultation with the Chambers of Crafts, the draft decree takes into account the distribution contained in the said law for these activities, namely art and production crafts and service crafts, specified Mr. Baitas. The list of Handicrafts activities will constitute a legal reference which will define the categories operating in the sector with its different branches of activity, he added, noting that it will also constitute a basis for all those wishing to obtain the artisan status in order to register with the National Handicrafts Register and to benefit from the advantages granted by the State to the sector. The list will also serve as a central tool which will make it possible to identify the categories of artisans and craftswomen who will be covered by the social protection system, and to accelerate the pace of the implementation of this project, continued Mr. Baitas. .