The hotel industry shouts its dismay at Aziz Akhannouch

The head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, speaks at the government council meeting. Credit: MAP Restrictions, non-execution of the program contract signed in 2020, lack of visibility… The crisis affecting the tourism sector is such that most establishments are struggling to stay afloat. Lahcen Zelmat, head of the National Federation of the Hotel Industry, sounded the alarm in a letter to the head of government Faced with an unprecedented crisis since the start of the pandemic, the tourism sector is on the brink of implosion. The government commitments contained in the program contract not being applied for the most part, “the financial situation of almost all accommodation establishments no longer allows them to meet their urgent expenses. This is the cry of alarm launched on November 29 by the National Federation of the Hotel Industry (FNIH) to the head of government. “We take the liberty of sending you this letter to inform you of the distress of operators in the national hotel industry sector who, since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, has experienced an unprecedented crisis, also characterized by both for its depth and its longevity, without any visibility to this day ”, writes its president Lahcen Zelmat to Aziz Akhannouch in a letter consulted by Le Desk. “Mr. Head of Government, you are certainly aware that tourist accommodation establishments have suffered the disastrous consequences of the cOVID-19 health crisis and have been for more than 20 months. Given the important contribution of this sector to the development of the national economy, both directly and indirectly, and in the face of this unfortunate and exceptional situation, the government, like other countries which places the tourism sector as a priority, agreed with representatives of the sector on several measures to support businesses and employment, ”he recalls, pointing to the non-application of the measures provided for in the program contract signed in August 2020.“ Twenty measures n ‘ have not been fully deployed and those that have been implemented have not taken into account the longevity of this crisis, making this situation increasingly untenable for both accommodation establishments, their employees and investors in this sector ”, deplores the boss of the FNIH. Tourism needs a “Marshall plan” Certain restrictions decided by the government have amplified this crisis, according to Lahcen Zelmat. “Aware of the important and necessary efforts made to preserve the health gains of our country, an absolute priority for all accommodation establishments and all citizens, we have been proposing for several months, like what is being done in several countries , for whom tourism is a priority, to set up a route including the sanitary pass with the objective of lifting all other restrictions (particularly in terms of working hours of restaurants and other points of sale and places of entertainment, occupation of spaces for events and celebrations, authorization of interurban travel… “regrets the federation.” Unfortunately, the maintenance of certain restrictions in addition to the requirement of the health pass on the one hand, and the decision to cancel several large-scale events and to suspend flights to and from major markets in Morocco on the other hand, cause a misunderstanding Profound tension among operators who see in this an uneasy signal on the timetable for the resumption of our activities, and e, despite an indisputable improvement in the health situation in our country ”, lists the president of the FNIH. Salaries, taxes, royalties, electricity, water and insurance, bank deadlines… “Urgent expenses” are such, according to him, that most establishments are no longer able to “stay afloat until the end of this crisis , of which no one knows the date ”. “In the absence of urgent and specific support measures, commensurate with the graceful situation in our sector, we fear a growing difficulty in considering the future of our industry, and ultimately an implosion of its social fabric. -economic that our country, under the high directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI may God assist him, has made the choice and provided considerable means, for decades in order to enhance the level of major global destinations ”, calls t it for help. For the federation, the application of the measures of the program contract should be the prelude to the establishment of a “Marshall plan for the tourism sector”. © ️ Copyright Pulse Media. All rights reserved.Reproduction and dissemination prohibited (photocopies, intranet, web, messaging, newsletters, monitoring tools) without written authorization