The imposition of the PCR test is an obstacle to Moroccans around the world

The reopening of the borders does not fully benefit either tourism or Moroccans around the world wishing to travel to their country of origin, because of the continued imposition of the presentation of the PCR test, despite possession of the pass. vaccine. This is the tenor of the written question of the deputy of the People's Movement, Mohamed Ouzzine, addressed to the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch. This maintenance of the presentation of the PCR test has a negative influence on the revival of the tourism industry, at a time when Morocco's competitors in the field have renounced all preventive and health measures concerning covid-19. The Harakist deputy also revealed that many Moroccan families complain of the additional costs to be paid, which could deprive them of returning to the country. among other things, the expensive cost of the PCR test in the host countries, which can exceed 80 euros for each member of the family, knowing also, which is paradoxical, that the price of the analyzes can sometimes cost more than the ticket. plane itself, he pointed out. These compulsory medical analyzes constitute a real obstacle for people who want to visit Morocco; And that is why it has become necessary to cancel the imposition of the PCR test as a sine qua non condition for returning to the national territory, especially after the great regression observed in the indicators of the coronavirus and the benefit of complete vaccination. of the majority of travellers, said Mohamed Ouzzine. He also wondered about the urgent measures that the Executive intends to take in order to cancel the imposition of the PCR test as soon as possible. THE