The increase in demand for drinking water in Saidia has caused a drop in pressure in some homes

The demand for drinking water has recently increased sharply in Saidia due to the large influx of tourists, which has caused a drop in the pressure in certain dwellings on the upper floors in the Trifa 2 district and the Amwaj residential complex, indicates the Oriental Regional Directorate of the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE)-Water Branch.In an update following the recent publication, by certain electronic media, of information relating to the supply of drinking water in the town of Saïdia, the Office specifies that this drop in pressure concerned approximately 500 dwellings, in particularly during peak hours, when the rest of the city's neighborhoods remained supplied with drinking water in a normal and regular manner.In addition, the ONEE services under the Oriental Regional Directorate identified the sources of leaks and remediated them, which made it possible to improve the supply of drinking water in the aforementioned districts. , underlines the same source.It should be noted that the Office is in the process of carrying out a structuring project, relating to the renewal and reinforcement of the drinking water network of the city of Saïdia, for a budget envelope of 18 million dirhams (MDH).This project, whose work should be completed in December 2022, will improve the quality of the drinking water supply service for the inhabitants of the city.While thanking all of its esteemed customers for their understanding, ONEE affirms that its teams are working tirelessly to secure the supply of drinking water in the best conditions.The Office also takes this opportunity to urge all stakeholders and citizens to ensure the rationalization of drinking water consumption and the responsible and rational use of this vital commodity.