After two years marked by the health crisis, tourism seems to be regaining its former rhythm. It should not be forgotten that the sector was among the hardest hit by the repercussions of the spread of the pandemic and the health restrictions adopted. Today, the country's tourist towns are very busy due to the arrival of foreign tourists but also nationals, not to mention Moroccans residing abroad. Tourism, which remains one of the locomotives of the national economy, its good health undeniably affects other economic sectors and especially employment. For its part, the government had prepared the ground for recovery with an ambitious program of restoration, maintenance and preparation for the recovery in favor of hotel establishments throughout the national territory. Significant funding was then devoted to this program led by the Ministry of Tourism. The National Tourist Office has also carried out major promotional campaigns for Morocco as a destination. These efforts are now bearing fruit. The first results on employment, tourist receipts, foreign exchange reserves and the entire economy will soon be felt.