Tourism: a new roadmap with the objective of 26 million tourists in 2030

Work on this new roadmap has just been launched. Its main objective is to increase the number of tourist arrivals to 26 million by 2030. The new strategy is based on three axes: air transport, alignment of the national offer with the international one and investment. Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, held a meeting with the National Confederation of Tourism and its main member associations and federations, this Tuesday, August 30 in Rabat. The purpose of this meeting: to launch work on the new roadmap for the sector, with the help of all the major players in the sector and professionals. The CEO of ONMT, Adil El Fakir, as well as the CEO of SMIT, Imad Barrakad, were also present. “The collegial preparation of the sector's strategic roadmap is part of the vision of doubling the number of tourists by 2030 to reach 26 million tourists,” said the ministry. The sector's new strategy will be based on three main axes, namely the strengthening of air transport through the increase in capacity and the multiplication of point-to-point flights, the alignment of the tourist offer with national and international demand, and finally the stimulation of public/private investment around priority levers including entertainment and ecotourism. This meeting also made it possible to present a first stage of diagnosis of the situation of the sector, “whose main lessons show significant changes in demand requiring a real adjustment of supply”, notes the ministry in a communicated. It was also an opportunity to return to the short and medium term proposals of the CNT for the revival of the tourism sector. The next few weeks will see the organization of several thematic workshops with the participation of representatives of private operators in order to refine the objectives and implementation programs for each tourism sector, and to target the priority levers and projects to be deployed. .