Tourism: a poorly armed minister in the face of distress and questions from operators

Illustrative image. Royalty free photo. Credit: The Ujulala. Without any clear prospect of recovery, professionals in the Tourism sector met Fatim-Zahra Ammor on November 2. Much to their disappointment, they did not receive answers to most of their questions. You have 97% of the article left to read. The reading of this article is reserved for Desk subscribers. To read this article, subscribe now! 1 month unlimited all support 60 DH 1 year unlimited all support 480 DH 4 months free 1 year unlimited all support Support the Desk by choosing a subscription amount greater than 480 DH © ️ Copyright Pulse Media. All rights reserved.Reproduction and dissemination prohibited (photocopies, intranet, web, messaging, newsletters, monitoring tools) without written authorization