Tourism: Between Morocco and Israel, business is taking shape

Both parties are in the process of setting up collaborative models to activate tourist flows from this high-potential market. In two weeks, it's Passover, one of Judaism's three pilgrimage festivals. Several thousand Moroccan Jews living in Israel would no doubt want to spend it in Morocco. With the new direct lines opened between the two countries, it is a new outbound market, certainly with its specificities and requirements, but which nonetheless remains a promising market. This is precisely good, since the ONMT is currently campaigning in Tel Aviv. He traveled to Israel to, among other things, support Moroccan tourism operators in order to forge new partnerships with Israeli influencers. Thus, after an initial conclusive meeting with the airline ISRAIR, the ONMT teams continued the process of activating air routes between the two countries. In summary, the meeting with the company El Al to discuss the prospects for increasing air frequencies, after a first partnership ratified in July 2021 for the establishment of links between Tel Aviv-Casablanca and Tel Aviv-Marrakech. As a reminder, ONMT officials traveled to Tel Aviv on March 29, at the head of a large delegation of Moroccan tourism operators, to participate in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) fair in Tel Aviv. -Aviv, March 29 and 30, which is the biggest meeting of the tourist industry in Israel. For Adel El Fakir, CEO of the ONMT: “This first participation was conclusive on several levels. It was important for the office to support Moroccan operators with a view to attracting new partners and setting up collaboration models to activate tourist flows from this high-potential market”. The ONMT task force also met with the leaders of Arkia Israeli Airlines, Israel's third largest airline. Objective: Open new connections to other Moroccan destinations and double the Tel Aviv-Marrakech frequencies to reach a peak of 8 weekly frequencies from the next seasons. Also, meetings with Israeli tour operators and travel agent networks were at the heart of commercial canvassing, in particular with ISTA, the region's leading online TO, as well as the Flying Carpet, Aviation Link and Pegasus TOs. In this sense, the ONMT is counting on the collaboration with the “Travel Agents Association” chaired by Tali Luafer Epstein who said she was ready to organize in the coming days a mega Fam trip Israeli travel agents on Morocco . At the institutional level, Adel El Fakir met with his Israeli counterpart Dani Shachar in order to begin a work of exchange of expertise between the two offices, as well as the establishment of a collaboration platform. It should be noted in passing that the participation of the ONMT in the IMTM Tel-Aviv trade show starts strong with the meeting between Adel El Fakir, DG of the ONMT and Rami Levi, famous Israeli businessman and owner in particular of the second Israeli airline ISRAIR. Thanks to this partnership, ISRAIR will offer 2 flights per week between Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport and Marrakech Menara airport, for an offer of 8,500 seats to the ocher city, from the summer season between April and October 2022. This partnership will also allow the ONMT and ISRAIR to deploy a multimedia device on several Israeli media in order to communicate on the Morocco destination, its accessibility and its diversified offer for the different segments: family or religious tourism, leisure tourism, travel. business and MICE. Through this agreement, the Moroccan National Tourist Office continues its dynamic of activating direct air routes between Morocco and Israel and at the same time continues its strategy of activating international markets for a revival of the Morocco destination. Overall, this participation in the IMTM show sent very promising signals about the potential of the Israeli market and the development of tourist activity between the two countries.