Tourism crisis: Hamid Bentahar appeals to all stakeholders (VIDEO)

Struck down by the effects of the health crisis, tourism is recovering somehow from its wounds. The sector, which has begun a strategic shift, is picking up color and so are the operators. Hamid Bentahar, president of the CNT and CEO of Accor management Morocco, was the guest of the ECO. He recalls the importance of tourism in the national economy, while returning to the extent of the impact of the crisis on professionals. “The democratization of travel is an important issue for us. We want Moroccans to travel because travel trains young people and opens their minds. And there, there is an effort to be made at the level of our national parks with the Department of Water and Forests, ”insists Hamid Bentahar. “The objective is to give our young people the opportunity to go to a camp, to go on school trips for education… This contributes to the open-mindedness essential to the development of our youth. There are different ways to travel. We can do it with a tent, in a lodge, travel in youth hostels, in the rural world, stay in budget hotels, mid-range hotels, luxury hotels, palaces… We have to continue to diversify the offer to allow as many people as possible to escape, travel and feed on the wealth of our country,” adds the guest from the Horizon press group. Hamid Bentahar takes the opportunity to appeal to all stakeholders in the sector. Video.