Tourism: for its “Terre de Lumière” campaign, the ONMT deploys a Task Force on the 4 continents

Objective: to ensure maximum visibility of the Morocco tourist brand throughout the world. To support the deployment of the new international campaign “Terre de Lumière” on the 4 continents, Adel El Fakir, CEO of the Moroccan National Tourist Office, has brought together all of his teams, delegates abroad and central directors to to fine-tune the final details of this ambitious and unprecedented operation. It is in order of battle that the delegates of the Office will now work in order to to ensure maximum long-term visibility of the Morocco tourism brand as well as a high level of notoriety and to provoke commitment among the target audiences. For Adel El Fakir: “The “Terre de Lumière” campaign is now active in the major world capitals. It is a great pride for us and for our tourism. The ONMT teams will now work to maintain the pace and transform the commitment of potential tourists. The work has only just begun”. It should be recalled that since April 22, the international “Terre de Lumière” campaign has been launched simultaneously in 19 countries, including 5 strategic markets, namely France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA, as well as Middle and Near East, Israel and Africa. The campaign having a multi-channel vocation through television, digital, display and the press, its deployment involves the innovative use of digital OOH (urban digital display), large formats, 3D… as well as covering public transport, such as London taxis, French buses, or even Italian trams. Strong, prestigious and high-traffic locations have been chosen in the major world capitals as part of the deployment of this campaign, such as the Opera in Paris, the Plaza del Callao in Madrid, Piccadilly Circus in London or Times Square. At New York. For television, the campaign is relayed on traditional television channels in strategic countries, particularly in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel and on the most watched connected TVs in major markets such as Germany and the United States. . With the creation of a special 360-degree action, the “Land of Light” campaign, led by the entire ONMT Task Force, will maintain a high level of visibility and increase it over time, producing a engagement with potential tourists.