Tourism: In the turmoil, professionals meet Fatim-Zahra Ammor on Wednesday

Fatim-Zahra Ammor responding to an oral question in the House of Representatives. MAP After the unsuccessful meeting held in early November, tourism professionals will meet again with Minister Fatim-Zahra Ammor on Wednesday 22 December, Le Desk learned from a source close to the matter. On the agenda, the 10 emergency measures recommended by the National Confederation (CNT) and the latest restrictions announced for the New Year deemed fatal You have 90% of the article to read. Reading this article is reserved for Desk subscribers. To read this article, subscribe now! 1 month unlimited all support 60 DH 1 year unlimited all support 480 DH 4 months free 1 year unlimited all support Support the Desk by choosing a subscription amount greater than 480 DH © ️ Copyright Pulse Media. All rights reserved.Reproduction and dissemination prohibited (photocopies, intranet, web, messaging, newsletters, monitoring tools) without written authorization