Tourism: Marrakech in the Top 50 of the best cities for solo travelers

The German tailor-made travel specialist, “Tourlane”, ranks Marrakech in the Top 50 best cities for solo female travelers in the world in 2023. According to the results of a study published on March 1, the city of Marrakech stands out among the 50 destinations to visit for women who want to travel solo, just in time for International Women’s Day which, on March 8, will celebrate women around the world under the motto #EmbraceEquity (#EmbraceEquity), has Tourlane said in a statement. While 78% of women have never traveled alone outside of Europe, the ranking includes 50 destinations on the six inhabited continents and shows that women, ever more numerous to want to embark on a solo adventure, have an extremely varied choice of cities around the world. To help women identify the best cities to travel solo around the world, Tourlane looked at 50 international cities from the 170 cities surveyed by Georgetown University’s Women’s Institute. For a city to rank well, according to Tourlane, women must be “well represented in local business and political life, treated the same as men, be legally equal to men and be able to feel safe when they walk alone at night. The online provider of personalized travel also took into account the starting price of a bed in a female dormitory in hostels in the cities of the ranking, the average cost of a mobile data plan as well as the speed of the Internet. mobile internet. With MAP