Tourism: Meeting between RAM and ONMT to promote Morocco as a destination

Group photo after exchanges between RAM and ONMT A meeting involving the task forces of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) was held this Thursday, June 7, in the presence of their first leader. RAM and ONMT met today in Casablanca. During this meeting, the two actors worked on the axes of the partnership signed on June 2. In the jointly signed press release, they indicate that the meeting aims to find the right modus operandi to “implement the strategies and field actions to be scheduled from the second half of the current year” On the same subject: Tourism – RAM partnership / ONMT If for Abdelhamid Addou, CEO of RAM, “good air programming is a sine qua none condition for a rapid and sustainable resumption of tourist activity”, Adel EL Fakir, general manager of ONMT, thinks that it must “put in place all the necessary measures to achieve this”. RAM / ONMT: Realizing the Partnership Clearly, it is a serious boost that the two institutions want to give to the recovery of tourism. To this end, they had identified two essential measures in this direction. The first is to strengthen Morocco's connectivity through new air links. This would be advantageous, both for the strategic basins of tourists and for the Moroccans of the world. As for the second measure, it relies on the promotion of Morocco as a destination through a common marketing policy. These new exchanges therefore show a real desire on the part of the leaders to take action. “Resolutely committed to the effort to revive Moroccan tourism, Ram and ONMT are thus focused on the common objective of securing activity at the destination and restoring air routes so that Moroccan airspace regains its place in the world chessboard, concludes the press release. It is, all in all, a timely meeting for Morocco, which hopes to recover 95% of its air traffic in 2019.