Tourism: Morocco in seduction operation in Brazil

Morocco and Brazil are determined to boost tourist flows by making the most of the potential of the richness of their respective cultures, said Thursday evening, June 29, the Moroccan ambassador to Brasilia, Nabil Adghoghi during a ceremony on the occasion of the launch in the Brazilian capital of the prestigious Na Praia festival, which this year honors Moroccan culture and architecture. The Moroccan diplomat stressed that by dedicating this edition to the Kingdom, the Na Praia festival celebrates the great friendship between the two countries and further contributes to the rapprochement between the two societies. Highlighting the “countless affinities and similarities existing between Morocco and Brazil”, the diplomat noted that through their own historical trajectories and sociological realities, the two countries have managed to promote cultural models that value diversity, openness and cosmopolitanism. A presence to increase the number of tourists According to him, the choice of Morocco as the theme for the 2023 edition of the Na Praia festival, the largest music festival in the central-western Brazilian region, reflects the great admiration of Brazilians for Morocco, for its culture and for its various artistic expressions “Currently, the 13 million tourists who visit Morocco each year, including about 50,000 Brazilians, discover a country at the crossroads of several civilizations, a land with multiple influences and a unique cultural melting pot,” he added. Thus, Morocco and Brazil are called upon to show the world that culture and tourist exchanges are the best vector for promoting the values ​​of openness, tolerance and acceptance of all cultures and religions, insisted the Moroccan ambassador. For his part, the Delegate of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) in Madrid, Khalid Mimi noted that “it is a great opportunity for us to share with Brazilians the culture, architecture and traditions of Morocco”. At the same time, the manager noted: “We receive some 50,000 Brazilian tourists each year and we intend to double or triple this figure, thanks in particular to the resumption of the air link between Morocco and Brazil, which represents a market Very important”. Rick Emediato, artistic director of the Na Praia festival, which will kick off this Friday evening, explained in a statement to MAP that Morocco was always a country that arouses curiosity and admiration among Brazilians. “When we started researching Morocco, we fell in love with this country and decided to take the Kingdom as the theme of this edition, through which we want to show the beauty of this country,” he said. . The official also affirmed that “as we delved into the rich Moroccan culture we were even more curious to know more. During our trip to Morocco (organized in May 2023 at the invitation of the ONMT) we were impressed by the welcome and generosity of the Moroccan people and the human warmth similar to that of the Brazilians. A very rich culture, impressive architecture and refined gastronomy. According to the organizers of this colorful festival, which attracts nearly 300,000 visitors each year to Brasilia, the choice of Morocco was self-evident, because the Kingdom is “a country that makes an impression through its arts and his architecture”. By the lake and with sports, gastronomic and cultural facilities, the 2023 edition promises unforgettable moments, in a space of 45,000 m2 designed to amaze the public and welcome the best Brazilian artists.