Tourism: Morocco soon among the 20 best destinations in the world?

The Kingdom of Morocco aspires to position itself, in the near future, among the 20 best tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its attractiveness for investments in this field, indicated, this Monday in Dubai, actors and experts in the field of tourism. Speaking at a conference organized in the Morocco pavilion under the theme “Morocco Tourism Investment Day”, as part of the international exhibition “Expo2020Dubaï”, the experts noted that the geographical position of the Kingdom, its potential in terms of infrastructure modern, in addition to its cultural diversity and the hospitality of its inhabitants, allow it to occupy a prominent place among the world's tourist destinations. The stability and proximity to Europe make Morocco a safe destination for investors and tourism promoters, they said, noting that the Kingdom is currently among the 30 most important tourist destinations globally. Morocco has been able to create several ecological destinations, in particular at the level of the Southern Provinces, in particular in the cities of Laâyoune, Dakhla, Tan-Tan and Guelmim, which are now added to the classic destinations such as Essaouira, Agadir and Marrakech, have let participants know, calling for exploration and seizing of investment opportunities offered by the Kingdom's tourism market. The experts focused on modern Morocco, which is full of important investment opportunities in all productive sectors, including tourism, which arouses great interest from investors, especially those from the Gulf countries and United Arab Emirates in particular. In a statement to MAP, the president of the National Confederation of Tourism Hamid Bentahar, said he was confident in a post-pandemic recovery of the tourism sector in Morocco, emphasizing the Kingdom's efforts in this direction. The evolution of the tourism sector in Morocco should allow the creation of vast employment opportunities in the near future, he noted, noting that the meeting was an opportunity to present to the major players in the region , the new potential of Morocco's tourism and its competitiveness. For his part, the director general of the Moroccan Tourism Engineering Company (SMIT), Imad Barrakad, stressed that the emphasis was placed on tourism investment in the southern regions of the Kingdom, expressing his confidence in the capacity sector to achieve a qualitative leap and overcome the effects of the pandemic. Organized by SMIT in cooperation with Bench Events, under the banner “Inspiration from Morocco – New opportunities for hospitality”, the conference was attended by investors in the hotel industry, donors and representatives of the hospitality industry. Moroccan companies. Morocco is participating in the “Expo Dubai 2020” with a huge pavilion reflecting its diversity and its economic, cultural and scientific achievements. It constitutes a platform to share the Kingdom's strategic vision for a more sustainable future and a space to contemplate the civilizational heritage of a thousand-year-old nation. Located in the heart of the Opportunity District, near the United Arab Emirates pavilion and not far from Al Wasl Plaza, central monument of the “Expo Dubai 2020 ″ site, the Morocco Pavilion offers in addition to a permanent exhibition, a program varied, rich and inspiring artistic, cultural, economic and scientific. IK