Tourism: ONMT targets the USA and Israel

After the commercial and communication strategy deployed by the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) on the main European markets, the Office is targeting the Israeli and American markets in order to rekindle enthusiasm around the Moroccan offer and its attractiveness. “Two renowned influencers have been chosen to boost Morocco's tourist image. The ONMT is targeting the American market with influencer Kelli Erdmann, known on digital platforms as “Happy Kelli” and the Israeli market with influencer Yarden Harel,” the Office said in a statement. These actions, recalls the same source, follow many others of the same style carried out with other influencers in other major markets. The choice to invite “Happy Kelli”, a professional American dancer and choreographer, to come and discover the riches of Morocco to her communities is supported by the fact that in a few years, she has become a key figure on social networks thanks to her videos full of positive energy, creative and colorful, notes the ONMT, noting that she is followed on TikTok by 3.5 million followers, and on Instagram by 1.7 million fans. Yarden Harel is an Israeli TV host who is one of the top 5 most influential women in Israel where she hosts the TV show travel “The Best in the world”. Passionate about travel, she shares her daily life with her family. These talents as well as several others like Norman Manon Pasquier on the French market, make it possible to reach target communities on social networks and to make people discover Morocco differently. “Thanks to the supervision of the ONMT teams, these influencers thus honor Moroccan decorations and share with their community their experiences and encounters in Morocco by showing the tourist experiences that can be experienced in the different Moroccan regions” , the statement concludes.