Tourism: the end of the health crisis will boost the formula of Ramadan ftours

As every year on the eve of Ramadan, hoteliers and restaurateurs organize themselves to offer their customers a buffet formula when the fast is broken. The opportunity to focus on a phenomenon that will grow in a post-crisis period and Easter and Passover. “The end of the crisis will generate a thirst for night outings and outdoor adventures” Knowing that foreign attendance has never been high during the month of Ramadan, Médias24 interviewed Fouad Zemrani, the former vice-president of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) on the preparations of the profession in a period different from the two years of crisis, which coincides with the global recovery of tourism. “With the drop in arrivals from international customers generated by the Ramadan period, hoteliers in large cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech… have always offered ftours formulas to national customers. “During the Covid, the curfew prevented people from going out. But having almost emerged from the pandemic to enter an endemic period, tourist activity is picking up, and there will undoubtedly be many Ramadan outings with a rush to the ftours,” says Fouzi Zemrani. The latter is impatiently awaiting the return of low-cost air links, which should take place at the end of Ramadan. He also hopes for the reopening of many hotels and restaurants, since nearly 50% are still closed in Marrakech. Thousands of Jews of Moroccan origin as reinforcements during the month of Ramadan Optimistic about the prospect of a “lucrative month of Ramadan”, a hotelier in the ocher city who offers ftour buffets is delighted that many Jews in of Moroccan origin, become Israelis, Americans, Canadians or French, will come during the second half of April to celebrate the Passover holidays with the family. “This will greatly help the entire tourism sector, because in the ocher city alone, more than ten large hotels were completely privatized from April 15 to 23, namely during the Ramadan period. “Knowing that this corresponds to thousands of arrivals of visitors, who moreover are very faithful to the traditions of their country of origin, this month of Ramadan presents itself in ideal conditions”, estimates our hotelier who expects elsewhere to a significant recovery in summer, with a massive influx of foreign visitors from May. “Ramadan will not have a negative impact on the hotel occupancy rate” Convinced of the interest of ftours for restaurateurs, the general manager of the Sirayane hotel tells us that restaurants like the Cabestan were realizing, before the pandemic , up to 400 covers per evening. Regarding reservations in his establishment, Mehdi Bennani Smirès reveals that the foreign occupancy rate has already reached 60% for the month of Ramadan. “This high rate is explained by the fact that this Ramadan will coincide with the Easter school holidays and the Passover holidays, but also with the end of the health crisis which generates enormous desires to travel”, specifies the hotelier. . However, he considers that Morocco could do much better with the same air network as 2019, if there was no obligation to present a negative PCR test result at the Moroccan borders. Samir El Ouardighi March 23, 2022 at 9:13 a.m. Modified March 23, 2022 at 9:13 a.m.