Tourism: The ONMT goes in search of customers

From Paris to London, via Madrid and Dublin, the CEO of the ONMT held a series of meetings with TOs and airlines. The result seems very satisfying. Morocco is very excited to welcome tourists again from all over the world, especially from the UK. Adel El Fakir, general manager of the ONMT and author of these remarks, knows what he is talking about. He had just finished a working meeting with the administrator of EasyJet and CEO of EasyJet Holidays, during which the latter confirmed the company's commitments in terms of capacity to Morocco. The company thus intends to resume its programming of Moroccan destinations from this month of February and its programs for the summer season (April-November 2022) are promising. Concretely, EasyJet has planned to deploy an offer of 75 flights per week connecting Morocco to 6 European markets: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. And that's not the only good news from this journey that took the DG to several European capitals and source markets. On February 7, the ONMT announced the start of the recovery with the Spanish partners. A visit which comes shortly after the remarkable presence of the office at the 42nd edition of the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR). The CEO of the ONMT thus held a meeting with the top management of the national airline Iberia. A strengthening of the strategic partnership between the ONMT and Iberia from the Summer 2022 season is thus planned. This plans to ensure the promotion of Morocco throughout the Iberia network of more than 100 European and South American destinations, which should lead to a strong increase in connections to the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier. Adel El Fakir also met the managers of the expeda group, a global giant in online travel distribution and one of the most powerful players in the online sale of trips to Morocco. A few days earlier, the CEO of the ONMT held a series of meetings with travel prescribers and airlines in France. Thus, a working meeting was held at the Syndicate of tour-operator companies (SETO), which brings together all the French TOs. A working meeting was also held at the headquarters of Transavia, which serves more than eleven Moroccan airports. At the end of this meeting, the ONMT with its partner Transavia secures 40% more seats compared to 2019 which was already a record year. Meanwhile, Adel El Fakir moved to Dublin where he held a meeting with the Top management of the airline Ryanair. A highly strategic move whose objective is to secure the company's flights in the Kingdom. For the Summer 2022 season (April-October 2022), the latter intends to finalize its Moroccan programming with a capacity that will exceed by more than 50% that of the same period of 2019.