Tourism: The ONMT is eyeing the German-speaking markets

The Office and the Tour Operator FTI Group are considering joint actions in at least six markets. These are Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. A summit meeting took place on Monday in Marrakech between the management of the ONMT and the top management of the FTI Group. This meeting, we explained to the ONMT, is part of the process of reactivating international markets initiated by the Office, in particular via the reference Tour Operators. And precisely FTI is one of them. A major distribution player on the German-speaking markets, FTI is, in fact, one of the TOs that offers the most potential for Morocco over the next few years, particularly on the German market. The group achieved until 2019 more than 100,000 customers per year on the Morocco destination from the German, French, Swiss and Austrian markets. For the Office, it is therefore a question, today, of relaunching a strong growth dynamic with a key and multi-market partner of the Morocco destination, in a context of sustained recovery in tourist activity. This meeting, described as strategic, was an opportunity for the two partners to discuss considerable commitments in terms of customer objectives, headquarters and joint communication campaigns in 6 markets (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and United Kingdom); and to work on air capacity development plans aimed at doubling the current objectives by 2023-2024, i.e. capacities of more than 200,000 tourists.