Tourism: the ONMT strengthens the deployment of its skills internationally

After a year 2022 marked by a strong revival of the tourism sector and exceptional dynamism and following the unanimous request of the members of the board of directors of the ONMT, who called for the mobilization of a maximum of resources on an international scale, the ONMT begins the year 2023 with a broad operational transformation of its skills via a movement of mobility in several new target markets. There are thus about ten countries where new ONMT offices will be opened, attached to delegations already in place, with a view to supporting an aggressive promotional and commercial policy. For Adel El Fakir, General Manager of the ONMT “This new network of the ONMT now provides global coverage of the Morocco brand with the unprecedented opening of offices in markets such as Japan, South Korea, India , Australia, Brazil and Nigeria. This deployment of our skills in buoyant markets will allow us to be as close as possible to travel influencers in order to convert the enthusiasm for Morocco into tourist flows and to set up new air routes. Thus, this large mobility operation in markets with strong potential and not yet having a physical delegation from the ONMT will initially concern the following markets: Portugal Poste based in Lisbon, attached to the ONMT delegation in Madrid Switzerland Position based in Zurich, attached to the ONMT delegation in Düsseldorf Scandinavia Position based in Stockholm, attached to the ONMT delegation in London Canada Position based in Montreal, attached to the ONMT delegation in New York Brazil Position based in Sao Paulo, attached to the ONMT Delegation in Madrid India Position based in New Delhi, attached to the ONMT delegation in Abu Dhabi Japan Position based in Tokyo, attached to the ONMT delegation in Abu Dhabi South Korea Position based in Seoul, attached to the ONMT delegation from Abu Dhabi Anglophone Africa Position based in Abuja, reporting to the ONMT delegation in Dakar Australia Position based in Melbourne, attached to the ONMT delegation in Abu Dhabi In the continuity of this system, the ONMT will operate a redeployment of its delegates at the level of 5 strategic markets: the United Kingdom, Italy, Benelux, Poland and China. Through this unprecedented mobilization of its resources, the Moroccan National Tourist Office is initiating a new dynamic in its network abroad and laying the groundwork for a strategic turning point in the promotion of the kingdom’s image on a national scale. international.