Tourism: The ONMT takes stock of the revival of the national market and international markets

All of the ONMT's overseas delegates are meeting today in Casablanca alongside the Office's central teams to take stock of the revival of tourist markets and synchronize efforts for the second half of 2022 and the following seasons. The ONMT Task Force is once again taking the lead in implementing the commercial and promotional strategy on all markets in the world and in Morocco. For Adel El Fakir, Managing Director of the ONMT: “Our mobilization is permanent in order to support the recovery and resume all activity in the very short term. Today, we are more than ever determined to recover our position and even to surpass it by making every effort to develop all the potentialities of the national market and international markets with high added value. » The momentum set in motion several months ago, with a view to Morocco's return to the forefront in the radars of international specifiers, is becoming clearer and is already beginning to bear fruit. The ONMT nevertheless maintains the pressure to ensure an effective recovery of market share. Commercial canvassing, prospecting for travel specifiers, negotiations with tour operators and international airlines, Morocco tourism brand, digital presence, media coverage of the destination… All the projects have been reviewed and reinforced. The ONMT teams thus carry on their shoulders the heavy responsibility of promoting the rise of the commercial aspects and the promotion of the Moroccan tourism sector. A battery of measures will therefore be deployed over the coming weeks for both international and national tourism. The Moroccan National Tourist Office thus confirms its objective of positioning Morocco among the preferred destinations of Moroccan and world tourists and is thus part of an aggressive approach to reconquer the major markets that send tourists to Morocco.