Tourism: The recovery is confirmed in Agadir and Taghazout

High crowds on the northern beaches of Agadir. The new resorts of Taghazout are attracting national tourists looking for a luxurious offer by the sea. Full capacity guaranteed for the months of July and August. The air service remains to be reinforced from September onwards from the destination's preferred external markets to maintain the recovery. The summer season is off to a strong start in the Agadir region. The Aid period has drained tourists en masse to Agadir and Taghazout where hotels have filled up. And that's just the beginning. Reservations continue to fall for the entire summer season. Visitors are, at the moment, more in search of the seaside. It must also be said that the beautiful beaches of northern Agadir and the novelty of the Taghazout resorts have since the opening of these luxurious establishments a ripple effect throughout the destination. To boost occupancy rates, hoteliers in Agadir and Taghazout are now competing in terms of offers and facilities to attract and retain customers, knowing that both national and international tourists are also looking for animation, well-being and new experiences. To attract its clientele, the Fairmont Taghazout hotel, which is celebrating its first anniversary this July, has strengthened its gastronomic position, notably through the enrichment of its culinary concepts. In the hotel, the Japanese restaurant Morimoto, the brand's first restaurant in Africa, continues to be an attraction and a safe address for customers who reside in the establishment as well as visitors and inhabitants of the city. The hotel also puts forward wellness and discovery offers through the organization of excursions to entertain its customers. The summer promises to be hot also for the Tikida Taghazout. It was difficult to find a room there during Aid Al Adha. Tourists looking for the all-inclusive product offered by the hotel and its luxurious setting. For the rest of July and August the resort should also be sold out. For its part, the Hyatt Regency relies on a diversified entertainment offer to boost its occupancy rate and retain its customers. Free creative workshops for young and old, fitness, yoga, spas with an offer of rituals for the benefits of the sea…, the activities offered are diverse for those who want to exert themselves during their holidays. During this period, according to the management, the national clientele occupies 60% of the establishment's occupancy rate, which exceeds an overall occupancy rate of 80%. In addition to the national clientele, the Pickalbatros White Beach Resort Taghazout relies on a Gadirie clientele during this summer period. The establishment offers Day Passes for those who would like to spend the day in the hotel and take advantage of its facilities, its entertainment and culinary offer. As in other hotels, the clientele is flocking and the establishment should be full in this month of July as in August. In Agadir, the Sofitel hotel also expects a high occupancy rate during this summer period. The establishment, which continues to invest in the redevelopment of its reception and accommodation areas to move upmarket and position itself as a luxury hotel with a seaside spirit decoration, will soon have a nautical base. In the meantime, the establishment recorded an occupancy rate of 82% according to its leaders during the Aid Al Adha period. The fallout from the Timitar festival should be felt during this mid-July. Visibility on reservations for the coming weeks also suggests an excellent month of August. Refueling is therefore assured for prominent establishments in the destination. However, hoteliers remain worried about the next season. From September, there is currently little visibility on the return of the destination's preferred foreign markets. Hoteliers continue to demand a reinforcement of the air service from the first foreign markets of the seaside resort, which are the French and English markets. In the meantime, investments in upgrading the infrastructure of the city of Agadir continue for a better attractiveness of the destination. As expected, a large number of arterial redevelopments have been completed to improve traffic flow. Those who have taken the road to the beaches north of Agadir have noticed the opening of the dual carriageways that connect the town of Anza to the town of Aourir. This will finally put an end to the traffic bottlenecks at this level during the peaks of the summer season and during weekends all year round. As announced, the cable car will be put into service this mid-July. The first project of its kind in Morocco, the equipment is eagerly awaited in the city. It will allow users and visitors to have a panoramic view of the city by going to the emblematic and historic site of the Kasbah Oufella. The fortress should be partially open, also at the same time, after several months of enhancement work.