Tourism: unprecedented start to Operation Marhaba

For the return of Operation Marhaba, the State has mobilized 32 ships on all maritime lines (Spain, France and Italy), with a capacity of approximately 478,000 people and 123,000 cars, with 571 weekly trips . After 2 years of forced shutdown, caused by the health crisis, Operation Marhaba is making a comeback. And for this the State has pulled out all the stops. According to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, 32 ships will transport Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) on the shipping lines linking Moroccan ports to those from Spain, France and Italy. These ships will have a total capacity of approximately 478,000 passengers and 123,000 cars. They will make 571 trips per week. Due to the high traffic on the lines with Spain (95% of passenger traffic), 23 ships will be deployed on these, with 14 intended for travelers on the main line Tanger Med – Algeciras, in addition to 2 dedicated ships the transport of goods (trucks). Thus these ships will ensure 47 daily trips, for a capacity of approximately 40,000 passengers and 11,000 cars. Note that in order to know the number of passengers and take the necessary measures for the smooth running of Marhaba 2022, the ministry has announced that the reservation of tickets will be adopted on all routes concerned by the operation.