Tourism: why Agadir is unmissable

A total of 30 areas dedicated to tourism investment have been identified across the region as part of the new guide on tourism investment opportunities. They will mobilize more than 3,380 hectares, currently under development or projected in urban planning documents. After the guide to industrial land published by the CRI, the Souss-Massa Region has just adopted a new guide, this time focusing on tourism investment opportunities. A total of 30 areas dedicated to tourist investment have been identified across the region, as part of this new support which has listed all the sites in question. These areas, which benefit from strategic locations, are located in recognized places of tourist interest and total the equivalent of more than 3,380 hectares. Among them, more than 2,080 hectares are being developed or planned in the planning documents, in the provinces of Taroudant, Chtouka Ait Baha, Tiznit and Tata. The rest, 1,300 hectares, is located in the metropolis of Greater Agadir. If there is one fact worth noting, it is that the identification of these areas took into consideration the notion of territorial equity in terms of spatialization of tourism investment opportunities in the territories of Souss-Massa. . Highlighting the different features of the region, the guide to tourism investment opportunities places tourism at the heart of the economic development project for the territories of the region, taking into consideration the future challenges of sustainable tourism. A regional planning logic A regional promotion tool, this guide is intended to support investors and project leaders. It is also a question of offering them a panoramic view of the tourist potential of the Souss-Massa Region and the related ecosystems. As part of a logic of regional planning, this medium is characterized by its regional network of tourist development zones. It is in line with the current expectations of tourist customers, in search of alternative, sustainable tourism with a human dimension. It goes without saying that these areas provide future investors with land whose tourist vocation is controlled. Their vocations are divided between hotel and tourist areas, entertainment and leisure areas and ecological and natural areas. This is the reason why the guide enables investors to identify sites and reception areas for investment projects that offer investors an adequate framework for carrying out their tourism projects. For the CRI of the Souss-Massa Region and the SDR Tourisme, the regional network of tourist areas will facilitate access to land dedicated to the development of projects and will contribute to giving new impetus to the dynamics of private investment in tourism in the region. Details of the regional offer Among the 30 zones dedicated to tourist investment, the metropolis of Greater Agadir has a total of 15, four of which are being developed and 11 already planned in the planning documents. The areas under development include the Imesouane “Beach” area over 20 ha in addition to the Drarga animal and leisure park over 130 ha as well as the Anchor Point area over 32 ha and Aghroud over 594 ha. For the planned areas, they concern the ecological tourism area at Cap Ghir over 155 ha, the tourist area of ​​Tiguert over 14.3 ha and that of Aghroud Imi Ouddar over 36.3 ha. Added to this are the Tama Ouanza area over 140 ha and the Lqliâa entertainment and leisure area over 99 ha. For the hinterland, an entertainment and leisure area is planned at Imouzzer over 4 ha and a tourist area at Azazoul Ifraden over 5.6 ha in addition to a tourist area at Oulad Dahou over 8 ha and another in Temsia on 12.3 ha. Provincial offer For the province of Taroudant, three zones, totaling 116 ha are dedicated to tourist investment, namely those of Taroudant, Taliouine and the Tiout palm grove. With regard to the province of Chtouka Ait Baha, four zones have been identified, including an area of ​​1,000 ha at the economic tourism zone of the Souss Massa National Park in addition to the tourist zone of Ait Baha over 2.1 ha. at the northern entrance to the province. It is reserved for hotels and tourist activities. Added to this is the tourist area of ​​Aït M'zal and Tizi N'Takoucht on 0.7 ha each. With regard to the province of Tiznit, four areas are listed, in particular the coastal tourist area of ​​Aglou over 343 ha, the entertainment area of ​​Mouanou-Aglou over 25 ha, the tourist area of ​​Tafraoute over 27 ha and the coastal tourist resort of Arbaa Sahel over 486 ha. In addition, the province of Tata contains four zones, namely the Oasis of Tissint on 25 ha, the tourist zone of Tata on 37 ha, devoted to tourist, hotel and camping caravanning activities. Added to this are the tourist area of ​​the palm grove of Tigzmerte over 8 ha and that of Foum El Hisn over 7 ha. Yassine Saber / GRAND DOSSIER – ECO Supplements Inspirations