Travel by train and continue by car: Carmine has a solution for this, it is 100% digital

Train users can now reserve a Carmine vehicle and have it available upon arrival at the station. The operation is 100% digital.

Carmine has just announced a strategic partnership with the ONCF group: train users can now reserve a Carmine vehicle and have it available upon arrival at the station. They will be able to freely use the Carmine car for their travel needs, for an hour, several hours or a few days, and can then return the vehicle to the station, just before their return journey by train. This “Train + Auto” service provides access to a self-service vehicle on demand, by reserving it in advance simply and quickly thanks to the 100% digitized Carmine platform. ONCF customers also benefit from a preferential offer which grants them 2 free hours as well as a 10% reduction on all top-ups between 300 and 1000 dirhams. Carmine cars can already be collected from Casa Voyageurs, Casa Port, Ain Sebaa, Oasis, Rabat-Agdal, Tangier-Ville and Marrakech stations. To register for the Train + Auto service, simply go to the page or contact the operators present in the stations. Once subscribed to the Carmine service, the traveler can make a reservation directly on the Carmine app, unlock the car, and have their reservation time to use the vehicle before returning it to its original location at the end of the trip. Self-service vehicles are available to users for an hour, a few hours or several days, with guaranteed parking, and unbeatable prices, from 30 dhs / hour or 300 dhs / day, fuel and insurance included. Carmine is present in Casablanca and Rabat via many other stations, in addition to the aforementioned ONCF stations, spread across these two cities and which can be located on the application available on iOS and Android. This innovative service is very practical both for business or leisure trips, urban or out of town.