Tunisia: More than 2.6 million tourists in mid-July 2022

Some 2.62 million tourists visited Tunisia from January 1 to July 20, 2022, marking an increase of 113% compared to the same period of the previous year, said the Tunisian Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts , Mohamed Moez-Belhassine. In statements to the press, Mr. Belhassine specified that the number of arrivals, until July 20, recorded, on the other hand, a decline of 42% compared to 2019. And to underline that the objective of the ministry for the year 2022, is to achieve between 50 and 60% of the figures for the year 2019, before the outbreak of the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Regarding tourist receipts, they stood at 1.57 billion dinars (1 euro=3.2 dt), as of July 10, up 58% compared to the same period of 2021. and down 31% compared to 2019. In addition, total tourist overnight stays reached 6.2 million overnight stays, thus recording an increase of 146% compared to 2021 and a decline of 48% compared to the balance sheet of 2019, he observed. Furthermore, the Minister insisted on the importance of meeting social challenges in order to preserve the sustainability of the sector and job positions. In this regard, he said that an agreement will soon be signed between the powerful trade union federation, the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) and the interprofessional federation of tourism for a salary increase in the tourism sector. On another level, Mr. Moez Belhassine indicated that his department has just put in place, in collaboration with the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT), a strategy aimed at developing sports tourism in Tunisia. The objective is to attract sports teams, particularly European ones, and to diversify tourist products.