Weather forecast: temperature rise this Thursday, July 29 in Morocco

Here is the weather forecast for the day of Thursday, July 29, 2021, established by the General Directorate of Meteorology: – Rising temperatures with hot weather in the interior of Souss, the South-East, the east of the southern provinces, the Oriental and the interior plains. – Low fairly dense clouds over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts with local drizzle. – Slightly unstable clouds on the reliefs of the Atlas, their neighboring plains and the Oriental, with scattered showers and thunderstorms in places in the afternoon and at night. – Sky little to transient cloudy elsewhere. – Sand-hunting in places on the South-East and the interior of the southern provinces. – Moderate to fairly strong wind from the northern sector over the southern provinces and the central plains, from the southern sector over the south-east and weak to moderate from the north to variable elsewhere. – Minimum temperatures of around 26/32 ° C in the south-east and the extreme south of the southern provinces, 23/28 ° C on the plains west of the Atlas, the interior of Souss , the Saiss and the Oriental and 17/23 ° C elsewhere. – Maximum temperatures of around 41/46 ° C in the south-east and east of the southern provinces, 39/44 ° C in the interior of the Souss, the plains west of the Atlas, the Saiss, the plateaux of phosphates, Oulmès and the Oriental, 30/37 ° C on the Atlantic plains, the Mediterranean, the reliefs of the Atlas and the west of the southern provinces and 25/32 ° C near the ribs. – Beautiful sea with little choppy on the Mediterranean, little to sometimes choppy on the Straits and little to choppy on the Atlantic coasts.