What do tourists spend in Morocco?

Morocco is working to revive its tourism, hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The last step was the strategy of the OMNT: “Morocco Land of Light” launched a few weeks ago and which is in the process of experiencing international success. This strategy comes after the signing of a partnership between the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) and the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) in April. “Morocco Terre de Lumière” aims to position the Kingdom among the most sought-after destinations in the world, to increase its notoriety and its attractiveness to international audiences and to strengthen its trendy image, in particular among new generations of travelers. In recent months, tourism revenues have increased in Morocco, largely due to spending by foreign tourists. The Chinese, Israeli customers of Moroccan origin and Americans are the biggest spenders, according to the professionals. At the end of May 2022, the arrival of tourists almost quadrupled compared to the same period last year, from 501,000 to 2.3 million people, according to the Department of Financial Studies and Forecasts (DEPF). This increase in tourist flows observed since the lifting of barriers and the resumption of international flights has led to an increase in tourist receipts, which constitutes a considerable windfall for the Moroccan economy. Among these visitors, some are big contributors to the sector, according to the professionals, who add that several factors favor their spending. Thus, the nationalities that spend the most are: Americans, Israelis of Moroccan origin and Chinese. The same source notes that Americans and Israelis seem to have similar spending habits, and both save money when it comes to hotels. They eschew luxury establishments in favor of souvenirs and handicrafts. On the other hand, Chinese tourists have different consumption habits, it is specified. They have little interest in handicrafts, but spend large sums of money on hotels and restaurants. However, arrivals were divided between foreign tourists (51%) and Moroccans living abroad (49%), according to the DEPF, which published its economic report for the month of June 2022. These favorable trends were confirmed by the resumption of arrivals recorded in May 2022, which amounted to 801,179 tourists, according to the same source. Compared to arrivals in May 2019 (pre-crisis period), the number of tourists arriving at border posts has increased by 11%, according to the DEPF.